Geographic Information Systems for Industries

Öffentliche Verwaltung

Public administration



Behörden und Organisationen mit Sicherheitsaufgaben

Emergency services

Handel und Versicherungen

Trade and insurance

Transport & Verkehr

Transport & traffic

Natur, Umwelt, Forst

Nature, environment, forestry






Tailored Geographic Information Systems for our Customers

Regardless of industry, GeoTech Systems offers the following services in the field of Geographic Information Systems:

Stichpunktpfeil Consultancy in the field of Geographic Information Systems: In a first step, we analyze your current software system and the administrative/technical processes in your organization unit. In a second step, we discuss in a detailed personal interview the status quo and the possibilities for further developments, efficiency increases and costs reductions. This can lead to a concept for software development, but often simply appropriate process changes are sufficient.

Stichpunktpfeil Software development in the field of Geographic Information Systems: Software development by GeoTech Systems comprises two stages. In the first stage, we develop a concept for a future, advanced software. The concept is written in the form of a comprehensive guide and contains standardized technical specifications and models as well as (whereever possible) a detailed preview of the software (e.g. screenshots of mockups), which is, to our knowledge, the most important tool for further discussion. The customer can then decide in the second stage, if the software shall be programmed by GeoTech or another software developer or if he wants to refrain from a realization, as a result of the new findings from the guide.

Stichpunktpfeil Data acquisition and integration: We collect and integrate your spatial data from different data sources according to highest quality standards. Different modes of cooperation are possible: we take over the entire acquisition and you get the finished product as a result, or we capture only portions of an acquisition campaign in close consultation with you, or we provide only support and advice for an acquisition campaign, so that you have an additional specialist opinion in order to increase data quality. Other services are: investigation, processing and analysis/evaluation of existing spatial data.

Stichpunktpfeil Support and training: do you use a GIS software and consider to provide training for your employees, so that they can use the software in all extent and efficiently? Or do you need maintanance services for your already employed GIS software? GeoTech can help you in all these cases.